'Pop Up Events' - Have Event Merchandise at Your Championships without any risk and earn Royalties

  • Event Merchandise
  • No Risk
  • Great Range, well designed
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  • Great Earnings
Team Elite has been in the Sport Event Merchandise industry for twenty five years - and through that time we have learned a great deal about what does and what doesn't work for Event Merchandise. We specialise in participation events - selling merchandise to the participant, rather than fans or supporters of a sport or team and we often see events that are too small or remote for us to attend and do our normal Event Merchandise Vending programme, but where we believe the market would warrant a range of Merchandise. For this reason, we have created our own Team Elite 'Pop-Up' Event Merchandise service.

How it works:

If you have a Championship or profile event that you think will attract at least 250 competitors - we are interested.

Number One: Contact Us and discuss - if approved, we will take the risk on operating the program

If we think it will work: We will create a range of Merchandise for you (subject to your approval)

Next Stage: We will put the range online through our online store - www.teamelite.com.au


Publicise the links and the range to all potential competitors and entrants
We: Take online orders and close entries an agreed period of time before the event to allow production of merchandise 

Manufacture: We produce merchandise to fulfil all orders and manufacture an additional amount for sale at the event by yourselves (at our risk)

Event Sales: We send all the Merchandise to you, with named Carrier bags for all the orders

Extra Merchandise: 

You sell anything extra - we will supply you with price cards and an EFTPOS machine, you take the cash 

Reconciliation: We add up the online sales and sales at the event, you receive 10% of the gross revenue up to a turnover of $2,000, 

and 20% over and above that. Any excess stock is sent back to us. 

As a guide: Championships with about 250/300 entrants can generate income up to about $8/10,000 - so you would earn approximately $1,500 - $1,800 for no risk. More entrants - greater return.

Outcome: Financial Benefit to you with no risk, promotion for the event, we are happy! 

For further information, design work and prices contact: info@elitemerchandise.com.au

Below are Examples of Our Previous Online Store's:

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Hi Simone

Thanks so much for that. The Meet went very well and the medals were a hit as expected ....I believe there were MANY comments throughout the day 

Yvette | Miami SC

Thanks Team...
The singlets arrived yesterday and all are very happy.

Rose | All Saints

The swim caps look awesome. Thanks for great service, I will be recommending you to others.

Phil | Mongrel Swimmers

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