Custom Printed Silicone Dome and Skull Racecaps

When races are won by the 100ths of a second, swimming caps can make all the difference. If you have invested hours and hours in the pool and spent thousands travelling, buying expensive race suits and investing in your sport, why would you not have the point that passes through the water first as streamlined as possible. That’s why Team Elite believe in manufacturing the best printed Dome RaceCaps for swimming clubs, representative teams and schools. 

Discover the latest in Printed Silicone Dome and Skull Racecaps

Swim with confidence 

Our RaceCaps are exclusive to Team Elite, and have been designed using Hydrodynamic testing with Australian International Swimmers over a six-month period. Any state-level team will benefit from our performance-enhancing RaceCaps, as we ensure the head becomes the most streamlined part of the body.

The RaceCap has been created with the highest level of efficiency: featuring a thick layer of silicone through the skull of the cap, to retain the streamlined form of the head (which won’t allow time-costly wrinkling!). 

This cap can also be worn on top of another cap, ensuring there are no time-costly goggle mishaps!

Swim with style

We offer personal customisation for your Team Elite RaceCap – you’re able to select any colour and any design so you can cross the finish line proudly representing your school, club or team. Team Elite Race Caps are the only RaceCaps that also have print over the top of the cap.

Choose from our two popular designs

Dome RaceCap Elite Long
This is our most popular choice of RaceCap, offering the same hydrodynamic fit as the short cap, but fits further down the head, covering the ears. Our research has shown this choice is often preferable to our older swimmers and female swimmers with long hair – the snug fit and length compliment each other to create a streamlined and secure feel when worn. 

Skull RaceCap Elite Short
This choice of RaceCap is perfect for younger swimmers (12 years and younger), as well as some of our older male swimmers. The cap sits comfortably halfway across the ear, and is designed to suit those with shorter hair. A preferable cap for Breaststrokers and Butterfly swimmers.

Racecap costs

Our Dome RaceCaps are generally more expensive than the flat and seamless silicone caps, but you can easily save on cost if you and your club equally contribute towards a larger order. 

Cap costs vary dependent upon quantity ordered and number of colours printed - click here to request complimentary artwork and our price/list order form for details. Please note we supply our caps fully inclusive of design, manufacture, delivery and GST. Check this if comparing prices.

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