Team Elite Custom Manufactured Championship Event Medals

Team Elite are suppliers of some of Australia and New Zealand's finest high quality low cost medals - please contact us for a quote and artwork.

Our medals are manufactured to the highest standards and presented beautifully on all occasions. We have an in-house design team to help you achieve the look, feel and standard that you require, combined with a responsive quote team that can help you achieve the budget constraints that might have or help you take your medals that extra stage to ensure they stand out from the crowd.

Our medals can be of any colour, shape, texture, look and feel you require, but here are some of the options we offer and some costings to help you understand just how competitive we are.

Suppliers to World, Asian, Australian, State, Regional and Club Championships and Competitions.

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All medals illustrated are manufactured to these specifications:

Medals: Designed to your requirements by our designers, personalised Mold - retained for two years, so that future orders do not incur that cost. Medals manufactured in Zinc alloy, ave either 'relief' contrast surfaces to create the image and soft enamel filling to extenuate the image and make the medals attractive. Medals can have impressions on both sides, can have cut-outs and come in a Gold, Silver and Bronze plating. Medals have ribbons that can be printed in any colour you choose - all prices below include ribbons, coloured inserts, complimentary design, delivery and GST. Prices are based on 150 x Gold, 150 x Silver, 150 x Gold and 300 x Gold, 300 x Silver, 300 x Bronze and finally 3 x 1000 of each colour. If savings are needed - let us know - there are ways of making that happen.

Costs vary dependent upon quantity ordered, size of medal and medal and ribbon detail - click here to request complimentary artwork and costs.

Delivery from three to four weeks, dependent on size of order and shipping method.

Costs below are a guide and include all artwork, medal mould, production, colour insets, ribbon, delivery and GST - everything! If comparing prices - check what is included!

Team Elite Club Medal

40mm x 4mm (Good size medal - similar size - great for carnivals) 3 x 150 medal cost: $3.85
  3 x 300 medal cost: $3.10
3 x 1000 medal cost: $2.25

Team Elite Championship Medal

50mm x 4mm (Weighty, good sized medal - State or National Championship Medal) 3 x 150 medal cost: $4.95
  3 x 300 medal cost: $4.15
3 x 1000 medal cost: $2.45

Team Elite Major Championship Medal

75mm x 5mm (Large, chunky medal - similar size to an Olympic Medal) 3 x 150 medal cost: $6.45
  3 x 300 medal cost: $5.95
3 x 1000 medal cost: POA


Fully inclusive of complimentary artwork, mould, production, ribbon, colour inserts, delivery and GST

Production timings:

Artwork - 3/4 Days

Sample time:

8 days (Sample can be approved from photography or by delivery
- add $50.00 and 1 week production, if actual sample is required for inspection.)

Mass production time:

18 days

Overall Delivery time:

Three/Four weeks, subject to location in Australia or New Zealand.

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Hi Simone

Thanks so much for that. The Meet went very well and the medals were a hit as expected ....I believe there were MANY comments throughout the day 

Yvette | Miami SC

Thanks Team...
The singlets arrived yesterday and all are very happy.

Rose | All Saints

The swim caps look awesome. Thanks for great service, I will be recommending you to others.

Phil | Mongrel Swimmers

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